Chimp Training and the Gremlin of Steepness

Anyone who has ever been mountain biking with me has probably heard me talk about my chimp. The chimp talk all began back in 2015, in the run-up to the Plean CX race, when my friend Rob put on a series of cyclocross skills coaching sessions for a group of us. Back then, I wasContinue reading “Chimp Training and the Gremlin of Steepness”

Confidence tricks

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, but there has been plenty of cycling going on in the meantime (and a bit of running. And a tiny bit of swimming. Bad triathlete!). I’ve been doing a fair bit of mountain biking. I went on a Dirtschool skills course at Glentress, which was fabulousContinue reading “Confidence tricks”

My new favourite thing

I haven’t really mentioned my third bike yet, even when I was blogging about how much I love my bikes. That’s because it is a mountain bike, and until recently I have been a fairly die-hard roadie.  Last winter I did a bit of mountain biking, including a few trips with various friends up toContinue reading “My new favourite thing”