About (old version)

I am Helen, and I am a cyclist, racer and coach living near Stirling, Scotland. A former runner, I took up triathlon in 2012 and quickly decided that cycling was the best bit. Since then, I have ventured into club riding (with the Stirling Triathlon Club and the Stirling Bike Club), road and crit racing, commuting, mountain biking, gravel and cyclocross.

From being afraid to ride across a grassy park (and don’t even get me started on going round corners) I have progressed to being a borderline obsessive cross racer, completing the notorious 3 Peaks Cyclocross race (three times…so far), and achieving a bronze medal in the Scottish CX Championships in 2018 and 2019. I was the V40F overall series winner in 2018-2019.

Credit: Stephen Harling

Credit: Pamela Craig

I am a Level 2 Mountain Bike Leader and Level 2 Cycling and Cyclocross Coach. I am also a level 3 Cycling Coach with ABCC. I am passionate about getting young people and women into cycling and racing at all levels.

The title of this site, “Outside Line Cycling” has various meanings. It can be the longer alternative to the racing line, by which a strong rider can try to pass her rivals. It can refer to the ever-changing line choice in cyclocross, where faster lines get cut up and slippery as the race progresses and sometimes the less obvious line is faster. It can mean my tendency to go off the beaten track and do things my own way. It could simply be a love for riding a bicycle outdoors. Take your pick, or apply your own meaning.

To contact me, you can use the form below, or hit me up on Twitter or Instagram.

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